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Business Facilitators


Facilitation Opportunities

Business Facilitators is a consortium of business facilitation specialists that works with international agencies, governments, industry groups, large corporations and small and medium enterprises on entrepreneurship development, business linkages, cross-border trade and investment. We are based in Ghana and are represented in several other countries. Most of our professionals have been in positions of leadership in banking, trade, investment management, inter-governmental negotiation and diplomacy. Most people are confused about business facilitators, because although they are thought to be brokers, they aren’t. Facilitators are far more important than just allowing an introduction between an investor and someone seeking to fund. Usually, a facilitator will have many years experience in the field, and in most cases has owned their own business and financial pursuits. These individuals also create lists of potential investors that have to be accurate and up to date. We make sure to put in the legwork so that you don’t have to, and you can trust that you are getting introduced to the best potential investors because we have vetted the situation. There is almost a 50 percent decline in investment firms because of various economic difficulties. We maintain our current list so that we don’t have to struggle interested location investors for your financing. The only reason that we have the ability to provide you with this information is that we have numerous years experience, and are a pinnacle company in the industry.

We take the time necessary to do all of the background research necessary to ensure the funding for your project. Through this process, we look for fraudulent companies, and only add investor’s names to the list that we can count on. We are an outsider with your project, which gives us the ability to look at everything from an unbiased point of view. We can guide you on how to receive the capital that you need, and how to work towards your financial goals. WE WILL NEGOTIATE FOR YOU, want you to get the best rates and will offer assistance to help you close the deal. We introduce you to investors that we trust so that you can have the best chance at funding your financial venture. We want you to close successfully, and we are active in your project until that occurs. There are many projects we have sought funding for where the client has been dishonest, which completely stalls the funding process. At the end of these mishaps, we were at a loss for our work and received no compensation. We try to avoid clients that we feel are dishonest because it damages the relationships that we have cultivated with our investors. Seeking capital is a competition, but it is one that we can help you win. We offer our experience and expertise to ensure that you are the best candidate possible for financial backing. We do not charge you any fees up front, but you are hiring us to be a subcontractor in your deal. If you are successful than we will be successful. If you do not receive your funding or business connection, then we do not profit.